What Is Podcast Revolution?

PodRev wants to see an independent media revolution and celebrates the citizen broadcaster. Podcast Revolution is a podcast network and it isn’t. We help develop and amplify shows from time to time. Mainly, PodRev is an internet radio on demand station. In March 2017, PodRev member shows voted to open up the brand to serve up more than just PodRev podcasts. Podcasters and podcast fans can also submit shows to be included in our talk radio on demand platform. But that’s not all we do. We’ve got a music on demand channel too and are always seeking new ways to liberate content from corporations and ways to encourage new people into the love of radio on demand: podcasting.

Oh, and we want that all to be easy, ad-free, and free to use for everybody.  For that reason, there’s some merch for sale and a way to donate to the project. The ideas are bigger than the funding. There is no funding. There are lots of ideas. Anything anyone kicks in will go directly the costs of keeping online, developing mobile apps, and the tech or code necessary to keep improving ease of use for podcasters and listeners alike from any device. We’re really hopeful to get mobile apps out soon. Still, with all that said, before supporting us, support the podcasters. Unless you’re a podcaster somehow making scratch at it. Then you should probably at least buy a coffee mug or something. Sheesh.


Why are you reading all of this fine print and not listening to some great audio? Seriously though, if you’re here because of one the podcasters who participates, let’s talk.  First, thank you for stopping by. Second, please consider all of the different ways you can support that independent voice that encouraged your visit with us today. Check out other stuff that broadcaster is associated with too. Listening to the show is a great way to support your favorite broadcaster, of course. Visiting their website helps a little. (Following them on social media too.) If you’re able, all broadcasters have ways to chip in on their websites. Donate to them. Tell your friends about the show, and shout out a thank your favorite broadcaster on social media.  Let’s all encourage these independent voices putting themselves out there on whatever free time they can drudge up.   (We sure don’t mind if you tell all of your tribe about PodRev either. Golly, that helps the mission quite a bit.)

The site is supposed to be simple and mobile friendly. 75% of podcast listeners do so on their mobile device. The heartbeat of the site is our player. You can switch between shows and get all of that show’s content, download episodes, and get thousands of hours of great independent talk radio.  Or click on our menu to check out PodRev Music, a music on demand streaming service we’re constantly developing which offers ad-free and always free streaming music, playlist creation, and absolute privacy. (Something the big music streaming companies do not respect.)

Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

As the audio wing of MediaRevolt.org, privacy is one of our primary missions and concerns. Our privacy policy is simple: the only time we collect information on you is if you buy something from our shop, or donate to us; and that’s so we can ship to you and email you about your order or donation. We use PayPal so we never see your payment information. We don’t track what you listen to (though broadcasters will see someone listened or downloaded if they track statistics for their show) nor do we track your location or really anything at all besides basic website statistic stuff which we’re far too busy to look at anyhow. This site is volunteer run, and any money made from merch or donations goes to keep it running and upgrading. There is no product, and we’re refuse to make listeners the product. We don’t collect any data we can sell advertisers, and we would never do that. If we were served a warrant, the worst thing we could ever give big brother about our listeners is that maybe you bought a tee shirt or sent us ten bucks. We don’t even know what you listened to while you were on PodRev or PodRev Music. So, nobody is going to know you listened to a cheesy podcast or bad 80s music for hours on end except for whoever is next to you while you do those things.

Because we’re volunteer run, we really can’t offer any warranty of service. But it’s a free and ad-free service for you to use if you like the sorts of audio we put out there. PodRev curates internet talk radio through its volunteer membership. PodRev music curates streaming music from other legal services that pay royalties to artists and offers a way for listeners to curate their own playlists without some big company tracking your music habits. They’ll see the plays and that it came from us. Big whoop. As with all of the MediaRevolt services, the content creators, owners and purveyors get the click credit they rightfully deserve, but we try to serve it up as anonymously as possible.

Nobody works for PodRev and it’s not a business. It’s a volunteer run service. Sometimes we have glitches and it takes a minute or a day to get things back to normal. By using our sites, you are agreeing that these are as-is services, and the user is responsible for whatever experience or content they explore. PodcastRevolution offers no warranty and accepts no responsibility.  For entertainment purposes only. Please, no wagering.


If you’re interested in being included in Podcast Revolution network’s radio on demand service, use our contact form. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your show. Use a valid email address. Seriously, that’s been an issue ever since we started this adventure.  Be sure to include your website’s address and your podcast’s RSS feed. We’re open to shows on any genre. We’re very interested in diversity. We love storytellers.  Fans of shows are welcome to submit public RSS feeds for shows they love as well.

To be included on PodRev’s radio on demand service, we look for the following:

  • ability to record a podcast with consistancy
  • a website or some sort of public facing promotion online
  • an iTunes friendly RSS feed, or a plan to have one on your website
  • broadcasters just starting out and starting on our fresh voices platform can use SoundCloud and their RSS service. It’s not very professional, and hard for you to self-syndicate on iTunes and stuff, so this is just for folks starting out and testing the waters.
  • an MP3 podcast, with a plan for how you will host those mp3 files
  • if you have a video show or vlog, a plan to make it available in mp3 format as a podcast
  • an existing podcast, even if it’s just one episode, and a way for us to stream it
  • ability to commit to your show and collaborate with others when interested
  • You can use music that musicians offered you to use on your show, but not music the musician didn’t authorize. Unless you’re purchasing it for use.

We’re also still interested in developing shows, and have some ideas too. Feel free to pitch concepts or your hosting abilities. Just know the above steps will have to be taken. We’ll all help a great new voice, storyteller or concept or provide the resources needed to help yourself.

Finally, we’ve got some values that you’ll have to have too.

  • no hate speech – no bullying – no discrimination
  • no placing demands on other people’s time
  • research your facts and opinions – be factual
  • apologize when incorrect
  • be empathetic towards others
  • be willing to try new things and to have fun whenever possible
  • be polite with other members, shout them out on social media, and collaborate when possible

If discussing politics, policy or current events, some of those values can get tricky, especially in today’s era of #fakenews and #alternativefacts. We want to be open to all sorts of voices, but also want to maintain a safe space for Progressives and Independents. For that reason, we’re not interested in shows that pander to any single political party or their talking points, religious affiliation or lack there of, or about a commercial brand. Conservative? Great, as long as you’re also critical of the Republican Party or party politics as a whole. No fanboys. Talking religion? Fantastic, just don’t try to convert everyone to your brand. Talking literature or comic books? Super-cool, as long as you’re not focusing one publisher. Selling a product every episode? We’re not a good fit. By applying for having your show included in PodRev, you are accepting that your show could be excluded for any reason based on the above or perception thereof.

Submit Your Show

What are the broadcaster benefits of PodRev?

  • PodRev uses your existing RSS feed and pulls your mp3s from wherever you host them. That means any listener streaming or downloading your content is getting it from you, and if you check your stats, they’re showing up.
  • PodcastRevolution is all about the content creators. We encourage visitors and listeners to become fans of the creators and support the shows they like.
  • PodRev celebrates the independence and individuality of the indie broadcaster. You do you. We’re rooting for you and trying to help get your work out there.
  • PodcastRevolution is the audio wing of MediaRevolt.org, which is always creating tools for indie media. PodRev broadcasters get a lot of support tools for the DIY media game to help you grow your success, tackle marketing in your spare time, grow your team, and hopefully spend more time making great content.

DMCA Policy

Did a fan submit your show, but you don’t want it to be included in our radio on demand platform? No sweat. Use our contact form and ask us to take your show down and it will be done so as quickly as possible. We’re all about the broadcasters here. No sweat. …but kudos for having a fan who wanted you on more platforms!